Fix Rounded Shoulders by MYSELF with 2 Exercises!!

by Michael Hinson January 18, 2017 1 min read

Fix Rounded Shoulders by MYSELF with 2 Exercises!! - Forever Aesthetic Company

If you suffer from rounded shoulders or Kyphosis incorporating these two moves into your training routine will help you. 

First, if you suffer from Kyphosis also known as Hunchback, you may be dealing with constant acute pain or serious pain everyday. Most of the population engages in daily activities that contribute to poor posture that could lead to rounded shoulders or Kyphosis. Also,  the condition is contributed from muscle imbalances in the posterior neck  and upper back muscles. Also, if your training regiment contains more push focused exercises such as bench press or pushups your pectoral muscles in your chest could be really tight pulling your shoulders forward. 

But great news, I have experimented for a while and finally found a solution! I have been performing two strength exercises and a stretch exercise routine three sets a day. My shoulders have pulled back and I have experienced less shoulder and upper back pain. I am feeling stronger and have more shoulder mobility already in only two weeks!

Try these moves everyday to feel better:

Handstand Holds Against wall - 3 sets 10-15 second holds. 

Inverted Rows- 3 sets 8-10 reps 

Tip: Incorporate a chest stretch on the wall into this routine to help open up the chest and pull back your shoulders.  Don't forget to massage the neck, upper back and shoulders to help lengthen shortened muscles and correct muscle imbalances. 

 What are you waiting for? Try these moves today and comment your thoughts below!

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Author: Lee, CPT



Michael Hinson
Michael Hinson

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