What does a personal trainer do?

Create Custom Training Plans-At Forever Aesthetic Company our certified personal trainers will create a customized training plan designed to suit your specific training goals and needs to ensure you get the best results! 

Motivate and Empower- Your fitness journey is not linear. There will be high points and there will be low ones but during this process our trainers are here to motivate, encourage and empower you to perform the hardest and to your very best ability at all your sessions, despite the day you had outside the gym!

Educator- We believe in educating all our clients.  We provide  the tools and resources you need to be successful in  your fitness journey.

Creates Accountability-  Our trainers are responsible of keeping you on track of your goals. We are 100 % committed to your goals and  will monitor your body composition and statistics throughout the entire program to ensure optimal results. 

How is Forever Aesthetic Company different than big box gyms?


The experience! When training with Forever Aesthetic Company, expect to have a serious coach that is dedicated to your fitness needs. Our trainers are passionate about what they do and do want to see your goals become a reality!  We take a hands on approach to success, and will go beyond the typical trainer to make sure you are successful. Some extra resources we offer include video visual aids, articles, and home workouts. 


Our training facility is located in Mississauga, conveniently located on the Mississauga and Brampton border by Highway 410. 

 Contact us today, we would be happy to answer any questions!