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LOOKING TO PASS THE PREP TEST SHUTTLE RUN? Read this list of  DO'S & DONT'S - Forever Aesthetic Company

Are you training for the Prep Test Shuttle Run and don't know where to start?

After reading these tips you will be able to start training with a plan. 

Preparing for the Shuttle Run 

A BIG misconception when we meet clients who have trained on their own for months has been they have ran the shuttle run every other day but their cardio has not increased and it has only led to acute injuries or chronic pain. 

1.Don't  run the shuttle run often, only run the shuttle run to test your progress. 

2.Do steady state progressive cardiovascular training to increase cardio,  at minimum 3 times a week for 50-60 minutes. Space out your days, taking a day of rest between.  Start slow and increase speed only when you can complete the duration at that speed. 

3. Do Stretch/Roll out if you do not do warmup stretches or cool down it will lead to injury or chronic pain. If you have never rolled, add this to your routine and you will see how the increased flexibility helps with performance. 

4. Don't ignore an injury!This is the most important. For example, if your experiencing calf pain while running on the treadmill do not run through the pain. Deal with any muscular injuries and get on a good mobility plan to fix the injury so you can excel your performance.  Find a certified personal trainer who can recommend a custom mobility plan for you, if you need extra assistance in this area. 

5.Consistency is key it is not going to come overnight, train 3 times a week for 3 months and you will see your shuttle run increase!

If you have any questions on how to increase your shuttle run or if you are looking for a certified team (males and female personal trainers) who work specifically with Police Prep clientsyou can contact me directly HERE.


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Lee C.
Lee C.

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