Police Fitness Training Programs

The police fitness programs at Forever Aesthetic are created based on the test your are preparing to pass, your current fitness level, and your goals. 90 % of our clients are in one of our police programs. 

The programs are intense and designed to increase your endurance, strength, flexibility and speed. We incorporate different methods of training in order to accomplish these goals. Some of our methods include, circuit training, interval training, sprint & agility training, high intensity interval training (HIIT), functional full body strength and stretching and rolling routines to increase flexibility.

These programs are offered 1:1 training or 2:1 training (partner training). If you are interested in partner training both trainees are required to be preparing for a law enforcement test. If you don't live in the GTA or surrounding areas you can also train online with us through our app.

Advantages of our Police Programs 

Experienced Training & Rehab- Our team is well rounded in training, mobility and massage for our aspiring law enforcement officers. Since the creation of Forever Aesthetic our team has worked with clients preparing to pass their fitness tests. Our team has a mobility specialist and cupping therapist as well to provide rehab, work on injuries or simply provide relaxation to our athletes in this program. 

100 % support  inside and outside of the gym- Most of the work our team does is outside of the gym. We provide you all the tools you need to be successful. Every single athlete is training for their career. This requires having a positive mindset which could be difficult because your fitness journey is never linear, it is full of ups and downs. Having the support and being motivated to keep going when you feel like giving up is crucial to your success. Our team understands this and therefore stresses the importance of  lifestyle changes instead of 3 month training program.   

Community- You are not alone in this journey. Your friends or family might not understand how stressful preparing for this physical test is. At Forever Aesthetic,  majority of our clients are currently going through the process. You will not only have supportive coaches to help guide you through but you also will have support and positivity from your peers. 

Accountability-  Accountability is important. One thing we hear almost everyday is "I wouldn't have made it to the gym today on my own if we didn't have an appointment." Coming to your sessions and performing 110 percent every time will make you successful. Our teams training methods are intense, our coaches are stern in order to keep you committed to your goals but our team will always keep you accountable to your journey. 

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