Apple Cider Vinegar The Secret To Fight Cancer, Diabetes, and Lose Weight- ONE SECRET TO ADD TO YOUR DIET

by Michael Hinson January 17, 2017 3 min read

Apple Cider Vinegar The Secret To Fight Cancer, Diabetes, and Lose Weight- ONE SECRET TO ADD TO YOUR DIET - Forever Aesthetic Company

The one secret ingredient to add to your diet is apple cider vinegar!  Yes you read correctly, apple cider vinegar has been known to have multiple health benefits. The benefits are not all supported by scientific evidence, therefore I will be writing this blog to share with you the benefits supported with evidence and speak from my experience implementing it into my diet recently.  

Health Benefits from Apple Cider Vinegar - Scientific Evidence 

Decreases Blood Sugar Levels - Type 2 Diabetes

Apple cider vinegar can greatly reduce blood sugar levels. All of us can benefit from that,  because in Canada and in general North America most of our foods are loaded with sugar! High blood sugar is also known to age you, no one wants that and more importantly has been a factor leading to chronic illnesses. People who have Type 2 diabetes may have insulin resistance (not producing enough insulin) or their body not reacting to insulin correctly. Insulin helps to manage glucose or sugar levels in blood. 

So how can it help with Type 2 diabetes?

  • Improves insulin sensitivity during a high-carb meal  and decreases blood glucose.

  • Reduces blood sugar.

  •  Reduces fasting blood sugars by 4%, if taken before bed. 

If you want to maintain your blood sugar on the normal to low side you want to add this to your diet, but to aid in reducing your blood sugar levels further you need to reduce your sugar intake.

Preventive Measures- Cancer 

Cancer is a terrible illness that has or will touch the lives of someone you love. Many studies have shown vinegar has been able to reduce the sizes of tumours and kill cancer cells.

Lose Weight

As mentioned earlier, apple cider vinegar can aid in weight loss due to the shear fact of lowering blood sugar levels and insulin. Studies have found that incorporating it into your daily diet has helped people lose pounds. 

It also makes you feel fuller in your day hence have you eating fewer calories.  For ladies, we have a difficult time losing belly fat, or waist circumference, BUT apple cider vinegar will help you trim that excess baby fat, or extra few pounds  we tend to carry in the winter ! 

Does this really work? 

From my perspective, In week 1, I did not see any changes but after consecutively taking it 10 days straight I started to notice my stomach becoming flatter and my abs popping through:). Also, I take my last dose before my final meal to avoid those late night snacks and to be honest my hunger has reduced.

So I must say, CONSISTENCY IS KEY. Don't bother trying it for a few days, you will not reap the benefits!!


Best times to take Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss 

I would recommend taking it before a meal, however if your stomach is sensitive take it after your meal. 


Other Related Benefits 

High in Acidic Acid- Contains potassium and antioxidants, with only 3 calories per tablespoon. 

Natural preservative- Can kill many forms of bacteria. 


How to use it? 

 I mix apple cider vinegar into my water. I mix 2 tsp in 8-10 oz of water and drink it before my meal. I only drink it with a straw, to protect my teeth. I generally have two doses a day in the morning and in night but you can have it up to three times a day. 


Too Much Isn't Healthy!

Do not consume more than two tablespoons a day!


If any of you have tried it or are going to implement it into your daily diet please share your experiences below in the comment box.

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Author: Lisa C, CPT

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