Our [FA] Science

Forever Aesthetic Company believes in a wholesome life of good health and wellness. Our team takes a functional approach in training, we teach you how to correctly perform movements with your body to build general overall strength.

Our Training Techniques 

We incorporate a variety of effective training techniques tailored for specific goals. Some techniques include functional full body training, bodyweight training, agility and performance, weight training, kettlebell training, circuit training, High Interval Intensity Training (HIIT), mobility training and cardiovascular endurance training which are all proven methods to either lose weight or gain muscle. 


Your fitness journey is a rollercoaster and can be a swirl of emotions, but we are there to support you, encourage you, re-focus your energy to get your goals. You must have a strong mindset in order to achieve your fitness goals. We focus on training your mind to make healthier decisions  to keep a positive mindset and to push beyond your physical capabilities. Our trainers will  continue to educate you during the process and reinforce how powerful your mindset is to achieving your goals. 

Muscle Recovery

We train all our clients on the importance of stretching and myofascial release techniques to help improve mobility, posture and overall muscle wellness.  Mobility and flexibility training is incorporated in our training programs. 

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