Sugaring: The Natural substitute to Waxing!

by Michael Hinson November 08, 2016 2 min read

Sugaring: The Natural substitute to Waxing! - Forever Aesthetic Company


Our first time getting sugared was definitely an experience! If you are like me you may not know what sugaring is, I’m here to educate all you women and men who want an alternative to the brutally painful waxing experience. Try sugaring, it will save you the pain and your skin!


The reason why I began searching for an alternative to waxing was 1. I did not enjoy the pain or experience 2. Michael and I have sensitive skin, waxing will typically leave redness and an irritation for many days so I wanted to find something more suitable for sensitive skin. 3. A cheaper alternative to waxing.


As I did my research, sugaring kept coming up as a natural alternative. I never heard of sugaring so I was skeptical to try it out. However, after reviewing a few different sugaring locations, I found Teaology, a beautiful gem located right in the heart of Downtown Brampton!



Teology Beauty Studio



So What is Sugaring?

Sugaring is an ancient hair removal technique. It is a paste made up of lemon juice, sugar, and water and is applied directly on the skin by the sugar applicant’s hands. With this method you are not lifting any skin which often occurs in waxing because the sugar paste does not adhere to the skin only the hair follicle. The hair is removed by a flicking motion and pulled directly by the root. It sounds painful but it is really not!


Michael Getting Sugared 

            (Michael being sugared by the owner Tamara) 


Pros of Sugaring

  1. Healthier for your skin, the paste does not contain chemicals, preservatives or dyes found in wax.
  2. Less pain.
  3. Our skin feels much better after the process, sugaring does not pull your skin like waxing.
  4. Hair growth has been extremely minimal after 4 and half weeks!
  5. More cost effective
  6. Less ingrown hairs and hair breakage
  7. Suitable for sensitive skin
  8. The mixture is water soluble meaning it’s as easy as washing off the paste without any sticky residue.

Cons of Sugaring 

1.The process is more time consuming. 

Clearly, the benefits of sugaring outweigh the dreadful waxing experience. Trust me, if you are dreading your monthly waxing appointments like we were you will be amazed and thankful for sugaring!

We would recommend if you are in Brampton or the Greater Toronto Area, to visit Tamera at Teaology for all your Sugaring needs! She books by appointment, so this is the perfect for an intimate experience and she will take the time to answer any questions or concerns without any interruptions of other appointments. Her place is very clean and modern. She even gives you a home care package that includes an exfoliate glove for your aftercare! We rate Teaology and Tamara 5 stars! Go check her out!


Teology Beauty Studio


Teology Beauty Studio


Have any of you tried sugaring as an alternative? Comment your experience below!

Michael Hinson
Michael Hinson

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