FREE OACP Practice Tests & Prep Program

by Michael Hinson April 22, 2024 3 min read

FREE OACP Practice Tests & Prep Program

We're excited to share a fantastic resource from our friends at Emergency Service Careers, designed for those preparing for the OACP Certificate Test in Ontario. Check out the detailed guide below for essential practice tests and preparation tips for 2024. Get ready to ace your exam!

FREE OACP Practice Tests and Preparation Materials (2024)

Preparing for the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP Certificate) is a crucial step for aspiring police officers and special constables in Ontario. Among the components of this assessment, the Sigma Survey for Police Officers stands out as a vital part. The OACP certificate test is designed to evaluate the mental abilities and situational judgment of candidates applying for law enforcement positions.

Understanding the OACP Test Structure

The OACP certificate Part B Exam is divided into two major sections. Section A focuses on language skills, comprising 44 questions that measure spelling, vocabulary, punctuation, and grammar. These elements are foundational for writing meaningful and credible police incident reports, an essential skill for any officer.

Section B, meanwhile, dives into Police Problem-Solving with 30 questions based on realistic police work scenarios. Each question presents a situation followed by multiple-choice answers, asking candidates to select the best response or course of action. This section is designed to assess how well candidates can think on their feet and apply sound judgment in situations they're likely to encounter on the job.

Given the structured penalty for incorrect answers in the OACP test, blind guessing can negatively impact test scores. If unsure about an answer, it's better to leave the question blank and return to it if time permits, as unanswered questions aren't scored negatively.

The OACP test is a timed test of 35 minutes. Applicants must manage their time wisely, maintaining a good pace throughout the exam without lingering too long on any single question. Using practice OACP tests that mirror the style and content of the OACP test is highly recommended. Such practice helps identify challenging components and allows for targeted preparation, enhancing familiarity and comfort with the types of questions asked. Emergency Service Careers provides full-length free OACP practice tests and materials.

OACP Practice Tests and Preparation

While memorization isn't the goal of using OACP practice tests, understanding the nature of questions and practicing similar ones can significantly aid in recognizing and effectively responding to them during the actual exam. However, it’s crucial to remember that while OACP practice tests can improve familiarity and test-taking skills, they do not guarantee success. The aim is to become comfortable with the format and to develop strategies for tackling different types of questions, especially those in the problem-solving section.

The OACP test's math questions are limited and involve basic operations within word problems. The focus is more on assessing cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills rather than mathematical prowess.

OACP Test Preparation Tips

Before attempting the OACP Certificate test, ensuring you're well-rested and situated in a quiet, distraction-free environment is essential. This mindset is as crucial as the knowledge and skills being tested.

In summary, effective preparation for the OACP test involves understanding the exam structure, using practice tests wisely to identify and focus on challenging areas, and approaching your study methodically and strategically. Remember, the goal is to develop a deep understanding of the question types and to refine your problem-solving skills, preparing you to tackle similar challenges in your future career in law enforcement.

Michael Hinson
Michael Hinson

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