Love Your Muscles. Love Yourself.

There are many great benefits from massage therapy both physical and mental.  It is important to keep your muscles healthy while training and one way to do is through massage therapy.  But massage therapy can be pricey and timely.  Rad Mobility Products offer an array of self massage tools that make it possible to massage yourself, anywhere, anytime. 


Save Money and Time with RAD. 

Most everyday pain comes from muscles knots and trigger points. Rad offers a number of mobility products that provide self massage and relief. The products are engineered to replicate a massage therapist by offering acute trigger point release, flushing muscle toxins out of soft tissue, and increases mobility and flexibility when used consistently. 


Your Performance Counts on it. 

Rad Mobility tools help open and loosen your fascia. When your fascia is tight it restricts your muscle movement impeding performance and increasing muscle tension and soreness. Rad products break down the fascia restrictions and increase mobility. Rad is made up of high quality materials unlike other myofasical products that become flimsy Rad is meant to stay strong use after use.


Rad Mobility Products come with a lifetime manufacturer guarantee.   

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